We’re Celebrating National Eggs Benedict Day All Month Long at T.C. Eggington’s!

We're Celebrating National Eggs Benedict Day All Month Long at T.C. Eggington’s!

National Eggs Benedict Day is coming up on the 16th, but it is never too early to begin celebrating! We want to share with you a few of our delicious “Ben E. Dict” dishes, along with a quick history of exactly why we should all be celebrating National Eggs Benedict Day!

The History of Eggs Benedict

It is said that Eggs Benedict was first introduced to the world in 1894 when a hungover stockbroker named Lemuel Benedict wandered into Delmonico’s Restaurant in Lower Manhattan. He ordered buttered toast, topped with two poached eggs, crisp bacon, and hollandaise sauce. The chef and maître d’ were impressed by the meal, so much so, that they added it to their menu! They replaced bacon with ham and an English muffin for toast, and the Eggs Benedict that we know and love was born.

The Evolution of the Dish

Over the past 128 years, the dish has taken on a life of its own. There are many variations of Eggs Benedict, which involve replacing any component of the dish other than the egg. A few of these delectable combinations include…

  • Avocado Toast Eggs Benedict – substitutes toast in place of the muffin and adds sliced avocado
  • Eggs Balmoral – substitutes Haggis in place of Canadian bacon
  • Eggs Blanchard – substitutes Béchamel sauce in place of Hollandaise
  • Eggs Cochon – substitutes slow roasted pork in place of Canadian bacon and a buttermilk biscuit in place of the English muffin
  • Eggs Florentine – adds spinach, sometimes substituted in place of the Canadian bacon
  • Eggs Mornay – substitutes Mornay sauce in place of the Hollandaise
  • Eggs Neptune – substitutes crab meat in place of Canadian bacon
  • Eggs Trivette – adds Creole mustard to the Hollandaise and a topping of crayfish
  • Huevos Benedictos – adds sliced avocado or Mexican chorizo, topped with salsa (such as salsa roja or salsa brava) and Hollandaise sauce
  • Irish Benedict – substitutes corned beef or Irish bacon in place of Canadian bacon
  • New Jersey Benedict – substitutes Taylor pork roll in place of Canadian bacon

Our Take on Eggs Benedict

Here’s at T.C. Eggington’s, we’ll serve up your eggs any way you’d like. And while we love all of the mouthwatering options listed above, for our breakfast menu, we have narrowed it down to these two incredible variations.

The Farmer’s Market Ben E. Dict

We start with the freshest organic spinach, sliced tomatoes, and avocado, add two poached eggs, our famed hollandaise sauce, and serve it all over a toasted English muffin. Packed with flavor, this take on Eggs Benedict is one of our favorites.

Traditional Eggs Ben E. Dict

What can we say? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! First, we poach up two honorable eggs, add some Canadian bacon, and load them up with hollandaise. It’s a customer favorite and the perfect way to start the day – hangover or not!

Feeling hungry yet? Come on in to see us try one of these incredible breakfasts! We highly recommend making a reservation on the weekend! (480) 345-9288