Say Thank You to Your Favorite Teacher With a Little Help From TC Eggington’s!

Say Thank You to Your Favorite Teacher With a Little Help From TC Eggington's!

Teachers are some of the most hard-working members of our community. This past year has been especially challenging as schedules were constantly shifted and virtual learning came into play. Here at TC Eggington’s, we have seen local educators stepping up time and time again to serve our students. We are making it easy to give back to your favorite teachers by offering some great gift ideas that will warm their hearts while making their tummies happy!

Coffee Beans

Being a teacher and drinking coffee often go hand in hand. A gift card for TC Eggington’s can be used toward a bag of our delicious whole bean coffees! Of course, if they want to leave the work to us, your favorite teacher can also use your gift toward one of our specialty coffee drinks!


T.C. Eggington’s is famous for our delicious jelly! We have been serving E. Waldo Ward & Son jelly since we opened our doors more than 30 years ago! E. Waldo Ward & Son was founded in 1891 and is still family-owned today. They use some of their original pressing equipment, finding it works better than any modern-day device. T.C. Eggington’s proudly serves E. Waldo Ward & Son’s blackberry (which is deliciously seedless!), strawberry, and apple cinnamon jellies. Pick up a few jars for a delicious treat for teachers – maybe even add some of our scrumptious bran muffins to go with it!

Food to Go

Click over to our catering menu to see all the delicious, large platter options T.C. Eggington’s has to offer. Grab a tray of muffins, mini muffins, breakfast burritos, salads, and sandwiches for teachers to enjoy during their break time. We also offer touch-free, curbside pickup for any takeout orders. Treat your teacher to a delicious breakfast or lunch, and maybe pick up something for you too!

Gift Cards for TC Eggington’s!

Who doesn’t love the flexibility of a gift card! Pick up a card, or several, in an amount of your choice, to gift teachers and school administrators. Pair it with a jar of jelly, and you have yourself a pretty sweet treat.

So this year, instead of just another mug, why not give them something to go in it! We offer our flavorful coffee beans to go, along with our delicious jellies, and gift cards which can get your teacher anything from a salad to a Bellini! Contact us for more ideas and to purchase your teacher gift!