Let’s Get Egg-cited for World Egg Day!

Let's Get Egg-cited for World Egg Day!

What is World Egg Day?

Each year, on the 2nd Friday in October, 40 countries come together to celebrate one of our favorite things – the egg! With good reason to celebrate World Egg Day, it is sustainable and nutritious, used in a variety of dishes and cuisines around the world. It is versatile. Delicious on its own or in many of your favorite recipes.  

A Few of Our Favorite Egg Dishes

Here at T.C. Eggington’s, we know a thing or two about eggs. As one of our favorite ingredients, eggs are widely featured across our menu. Here are a few of our favorite dishes…

The English Harvest Omelet

This healthy and delicious breakfast option features vegetables from our garden. You’ll find peppers, zucchini, mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes, carefully chopped and blended with jack and cheddar cheeses. While mouth-watering, it is the egg that holds it all together. Literally.

Huevos con Chorizo

If you’re anything like us, you like to kick it up a notch for breakfast from time to time. Imagine chorizo, onions, and potatoes, sautéed together and topped off with melted cheeses. Then the whole thing is topped off with two basted eggs and a tortilla on the side. Yum.

Crab Stuffed Pastry

Our delectable and satisfying Crab Stuffed Pastries are stuffed with artichoke hearts and crab meat, then topped with poached eggs, and lightly covered in hollandaise sauce.  It’s no wonder this dish is always a crowd favorite.

A Brief History of the Egg

It is believed that chickens were domesticated for their eggs before 7500 BC! Chickens were brought to Sumer and Egypt by 1500 BCE and arrived in Greece around 800 BCE, where the quail had been the primary source of eggs. During the 17th century, egg scrambled with acidic fruit juices were popular in France. This may be where lemon curd came from.

Fun Facts About Eggs

In honor of World Egg Day, here are a few fun egg facts you can use to amaze your friends!

  • The Romans crushed the shells in their plates to prevent evil spirits from hiding there.
  • The largest recorded egg is from a whale shark and was almost a foot long.
  • The bee hummingbird produces the smallest known bird egg, which weighs around 0.02 oz.
  • In the Middle Ages, eggs were forbidden during Lent because of their richness.
  • The egg carton was invented by Joseph Coyle in 1911.

Egg Jokes

Our devotional to the egg wouldn’t be complete without cracking a few jokes. So without further ado…

Q: How do you make an egg roll?

A: Just give it a little push!

Q: Why did the egg hide behind its mom?

A: He was a little chicken!

Q; Why did the egg cross the road?

A: To get to the shell station, obviously.

This year, for World Egg Day, come on in and see us for one of our incredible egg delights!