Flapjacks, Pancakes, or Griddle Cakes: Celebrate Them All On National Pancake Day

Flapjacks, Pancakes, or Griddle Cakes: Celebrate Them All On National Pancake Day

Pancakes, Flapjacks, or Griddle Cakes, no matter what you call them, there is one thing they all have in common: deliciousness.

T.C. Eggington’s may be all about the egg, but that doesn’t stop us from serving up the best waffles, pancakes, and “girdle cakes” around. In honor of National Pancake Day coming up on September 26th, we invite you to come on in and try some of our unique and mouth-watering creations.

A few of our most popular pancake dishes include:

The Apple Jack

This fluffy cake is filled with apples and roasted pecans. It is then topped with brown sugar and cinnamon. This is one of our most popular dishes!

Red Velvet Waffles

A crowd favorite and indulgent classic, these fluffy waffles will not leave you disappointed.

Foster’s and French

This delicious dish features two slices of our grilled cinnamon bread, smothered with bananas and warm fosters sauce.

Strawberry Acres

Berry cakes served with mounds of fresh strawberries surrounded by fluffy whipped cream.

Honey Roasted Wheat Germ

These honey-nut cakes are natural, different, and completely delicious. Add a side of fruit to sweeten things up even more!

English Toast with a French Flair

It’s all in our custard-rich batter and how we delicately grill our sweet cinnamon bread, then cap it off with our honey-butter and a dash of powdered sugar.

Of course, we also offer plain pancakes and waffles, along with ones topped off with your favorite fruit.

Pancake Facts

  • The first known pancake dish was served up by the Romans in the 1st century and sold by local vendors. Instead of syrup, the Romans used honey to sweeten these fluffy treats.
  • The world’s largest pancake was made in Manchester, England in 1994. Weighing in at over 6,600 pounds, the pancake was heavier than a baby blue whale.
  • Pancakes are found almost in every culture around the world. Made from a simple batter of eggs, flour, milk or water, oil or melted butter. The batter is then grilled and topped with a wide assortment of foods and sauces. Sour cream, honey, caviar, and of course syrup are all popular choices around the world.

Whether you like sweet or savory, pancakes, waffles, crepes, flapjacks, and griddle cakes are breakfast treats that you can indulge in any time of day. We’d love to see you this year to celebrate National Pancake Day! What’s your favorite type of pancake? Let us know and you may see it as one of our upcoming specials!