Everything About our Famous House Jelly

Our very own cinnamon apple jelly

At T.C. Eggington’s, we’ve used the same delicious, handcrafted jelly since the day we opened our doors more than 30 years ago. We purchase our jelly from E. Waldo Ward & Son in Sierra Madre, California. This family owned business has made coveted confections for decades and is still run by the descendants of Edwin Waldo Ward today. We’re excited to tell you about our favorite varieties along with some conventional and also some inventive ways to enjoy these delicious jellies. 

E. Waldo Ward & Son

Since 1891, E. Waldo Ward & Son has created hand crafted jams, jellies, preserves and more. And while their product offerings and sales methods have changed from a few jam varieties sold out of the back of a truck, to thousands of products sold worldwide, the heart of the company hasn’t changed in more than 120 years! Family owned, E. Waldo Ward & Son still uses their tried and true, old world techniques to produce a product that just can’t be found anywhere else.

Choosing Our Favorites

After sampling all the delicious jelly and jam varieties that E. Waldo Ward & Son had to offer, we settled on our favorites; blackberry, strawberry, and apple cinnamon. Each assortment offers a distinct and delectable flavor and are carefully crafted leaving only amazing flavor, not a pile of seeds to chew through!

Our jellies are perfect for the quintessential breakfast – they are amazing on the usual morning fair of English muffins, toast, PB&J’s, and our famous bran muffins. But they can be used in surprising ways too! One of our regular customers shared her recipe for iced tea sweetened with our delicious jellies. It’s a fun addition to a favorite staple. When you’re ready to try it out, we sell our famous jelly right in the restaurant!

Here is our take on the recipe, with our own Arizona twist:

Strawberry Sun Tea

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 3-5 hours + cooling time

1.Using a glass container or pitcher, fill to desired level with filtered water.

2.Add tea bags according to ounces of water (i.e. one tea bag per 8 ounces). Black tea or green tea works best.

3.Cover the top of the container and place in the sun. A sunny window will work too, as long as it will be hot for several hours.

4.As the sun heats the water, the tea will steep. Depending on the temperature outside, the tea will take roughly 3-5 hours to steep. The hotter, the faster!

5.With the tea still hot, remove tea bags and add in T.C. Eggington’s strawberry jelly. We recommend 1 tablespoon per 16 ounces. Add more or less depending on your preference.

6.Stir well and place in the refrigerator to cool.

7.Once cooled, pour over ice and enjoy. Adding a splash of soda water or a sprig of mint makes this delicious drink even more refreshing during the hot summer!

three jars of apple cinnamon jelly on a wooden plate T.C. Eggingtons