Celebrate with T.C. Eggington’s Throughout All of June

Sometimes, you just need an excuse to celebrate! And we’ve got some fun and silly, actual holidays in June for you and your family to have some fun with.

June 8th: Best Friend Day

What better way to celebrate your favorite person than with a delicious meal with us!

June 10: Iced Tea Day

Come celebrate Iced Tea Day with a crystal clear glass of our Passion Fruit Tea. Add a slice of orange or lemon to make it extra delicious. We pride ourselves on consistent cleaning and maintenance of our machines to ensure a delicious glass every time!

June 17th: Eat Your Vegetables Day

We’ve got loads of ways for you to eat your veggies! Our Vegetable Gardina Fritata is packed with fresh veggies and so is our Roasted Tuscan Omelette….even our Hulk Smoothie gets in on the veggies with spinach added for a boost of vitamins. For lunch, we have six different vegetable based salads to choose from and our Portobellini Square Sandwich is all vegetables with a portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, artichokes and provolone cheese!

June 19th: Take Back Lunch Day

Some days, it just seems like more effort than it’s worth to get up from our desks and eat lunch away from work. But we need to take back lunch! Get out of the office and let us serve you.

June 20th: Daylight Appreciation Day

Celebrating the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year! Enjoy a sunrise breakfast to kick off the second half of the year.

June 21st: Arizona Day AND Father’s Day!

We love to celebrate our great state and our dads too. Treat dad to a delicious breakfast or lunch in our dining room, grab a to go order, or order from our catering menu to entertain at home! Call today to make your reservation (480) 345-9288.

June 29th: Waffle Day

Possibly our favorite day of the year! Celebrate in style with our toasty waffles piled high with strawberries or our decadent Red Velvet waffles topped with whipped cream.

No matter what you’re celebrating this month, let T.C. Eggington’s make it special!