5 Reasons to Celebrate Buttermilk Biscuit Day

5 Reasons to Celebrate Buttermilk Biscuit Day

National Buttermilk Biscuit Day is coming up on May 14th, and this is definitely one you will want to celebrate. These fluffy, flakey delights are the perfect complement to any meal. Whether you like them with butter, jelly, or smothered in gravy, biscuits are a staple in the American diet. Here are 5 reasons to celebrate National Buttermilk Biscuit Day!

#1 – Our Biscuits and Gravy Blitz

Yes, we know we shouldn’t start this list by tooting our own horn, but we just can’t help it. Our fluffy, famed, biscuits are smothered in savory sausage gravy. What’s not to love? You can add two eggs and two slices of bacon for just $2 more. This is one of our favorite items on the menu! It is simple, filling, and delicious!

#2 – A Revolutionary History

It is said that buttermilk biscuits first came into fashion after the Revolutionary War. Many food items were in short supply, The Farmers Almanac says, “Biscuits and gravy have been around as long as this country. Born of necessity and frugality, the dish seems to have become commonplace during the Revolutionary War. Biscuits and gravy answered the need for a hearty, high-calorie breakfast for people who worked hard, but didn’t have much money on hand.”

#3 – An American Staple

Today, biscuits are a staple in any proper American breakfast. Versatile and mouthwatering, buttermilk biscuits complement any meal. Ordering bacon and eggs? Have a biscuit. Having soup? A biscuit pairs perfectly. Heck, you can even enjoy a buttery buttermilk biscuit with a salad! Whether you are in the south, smothering your biscuits with gravy, or in the north, topping them with butter or jelly, biscuits bring it all together.

#4 – They’re Fun to Make

While our biscuits are buttery, flakey, and delicious, we realize it isn’t practical for all of our customers to come in every single day to get their fix. Here are a few different recipes to make buttermilk biscuits at home.

#5 – Delicious Variations

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. There have been many takes on the buttermilk biscuit. Some top with sausage gravy, while others use a tomato-based sauce. Chipped beef on toast and creamed eggs on toast are two popular variations of the traditional biscuits and gravy dish. You can also serve biscuits with your soup, topped with pulled pork, or in place of bread for a breakfast sandwich. The options are endless.

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