It Tastes Like Fall at T.C. Eggington’s – and We’re Celebrating!

If spring has sprung, does that mean fall has fallen?! Either way, we’re excited for cooler temperatures, pumpkin everything, and some new safety items that will make your dine-in experience even better. If you haven’t been in to enjoy your favorite dishes in a while, come join us! Our indoor dining is distanced, sanitized, and our servers are masked to keep you safe. We also offer curbside pickup and online ordering to make feeding your cravings even easier.

Touchless Pay

We are excited to introduce Touchless Pay for all of our dine-in customers! Each table is now equipped with a QR code making it fast, easy, and touchless to pay for your meal. Simply follow the instructions on the table, scan the code with your smart phone, and off you go! No waiting for a check, touching pens or envelopes or having a server handle your card.

Pumpkin Paradise

Fall brings us all things pumpkin. In November, we will feature pumpkin spice pancakes, savory pumpkin soup, and big warm mugs full of pumpkin lattes. If you have a craving for the favorite seasonal gourd, we’re the place to be!

New Cocktails

A cocktail at brunch is just the kind of decadence we all need in 2020! In addition to our traditional mimosa, bellini, screwdriver, and savory Bloody Mary’s, T.C. Eggington’s is offering some delicious new options! Enjoy a Grayhound or a glass of wine. Or mix up your mimosa with a pineapple or blueberry lemonade mimosa. Lastly, add some bacon to our already amazing Bloody Mary and you’ve got yourself the perfect addition to your brunch!

Thank You

All of us at T.C. Eggington’s want to say thank you for your support and patronage as we have navigated this new landscape. Our customers are like family to us and having you back in the restaurant and seeing you at the curbside pick up makes our day!

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Celebrate World Egg Day with T.C. Eggington’s!

Did you know that October 9th is World Egg Day? We are simply egg-static to celebrate our namesake! Not only do we have a menu full of delicious egg dishes to satisfy your cravings, but we also have some fun egg facts for you too:

Our Local Egg Source: Hickman’s Family Farm

Since the day we opened our doors in 1984, Hickman’s Family Farms has been our local source for eggs. Sharman Hickman has personally delivered eggs to our restaurant to satisfy our Thom wh always insists on the freshest eggs. Once she even drove from their farm in Buckeye at 3am to make sure she was at T.C. Eggington’s in time to make the omelets. Together, these two family businesses have shared a lot of laughs along the way. Click over to our post about Hickman’s Family Farms to read all about their amazing history together.

Our Favorite Egg Menu Items

Did you know we offer not 1, not 2, not even 10, but 13 different delicious omelets?! And that’s not counting the amazing combinations our guests cook up on their own. Not to mention some of our favorite Parlour Creations have some egg-celent ingredients as well! Here are our Top 5 most popular egg dishes:

-Piglets Passion Omelette

-The Eggington Omelette

-O’Pear Grenache Omelet

-English Harvest Omelette

-Eggs Ben E Dict

Egg Fun Facts

T.C. Eggington’s orders on average 8,000 eggs per WEEK!

Eggs contain the highest quality of protein.

You can tell if an egg is raw or hard-boiled by spinning it; the hard-boiled will spin evenly while the raw will wobble.

The freshness of an egg can be determined with water. Place an egg in water and if it floats, it’s old. If it sinks, it’s fresh.

Egg whites and egg yolks have the same amount of protein. But the yolk has a higher calorie content.

Chef hats traditionally have pleats equal to the number of ways that you can cook an egg.

It takes a hen between 24-36 hours to lay an egg. Once laid, the development of a new egg starts after just 30 minutes.

A hen’s diet determines the color of the egg yolk.

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Take a Break with T.C. Eggington’s

This school year is off to a very different start for many students – and parents too! One thing we can do to make this time more tolerable is to embrace the differences by finding some fun ways to enjoy this time. Whether your kids are distance learning, on-campus, or both, we have some delicious ways to make this time a little sweeter.

Dine-In With Us

Got some extra time in the morning, now that you’re hustling out the door to campus? Come in and enjoy a delicious breakfast in our dining room! We are taking every precaution to make your experience safe and satisfying. We’re here 6:30am to 2:30pm, 7 days a week.

While you’re here, pic:k up a few jars of our delicious jelly! We carry only E. Waldo Ward & Sons jelly in strawberry, blackberry, and apple cinnamon too.

Take Home Something Delicious

Can’t get away from the home office? Order ahead and swing by for touch-free, curbside pick up! We have all your breakfast favorites and delicious lunch items available for take out. From omelets to griddle cakes, muffins, smoothies, and yummy coffee creations, we’ve got you covered! Pick up a salad, hot or cold sandwich, soup – or half of each for lunch too. Just because you’re eating at home, doesn’t mean it can’t be delectable!

Make it Special

After a long week, what’s better than a little celebration? Come enjoy a little weekend brunch with an enticing mimosa or bellini to reward a job well done! We’re here for breakfast and lunch too, all weekend long!

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Say “Thank You!” With a Little Help from T.C. Eggington’s

Whether your kids are headed back to the classroom, or to the kitchen table to distance learn, I think we can all agree that our school administration and teachers have been working overtime. Start their year off right with a little “thank you” gift from T.C. Eggington’s!


T.C. Eggington’s is famous for our delicious jelly! We have been serving E. Waldo Ward & Son jelly since we opened our doors more than 30 years ago! E. Waldo Ward & Son was founded in 1891 and is still family-owned today. They use some of their original pressing equipment, finding it works better than any modern-day devices. T.C. Eggington’s proudly serves E. Waldo Ward & Son’s blackberry (which is deliciously seedless!), strawberry, and apple cinnamon jellies. Pick up a few jars for a delicious treat for teachers – maybe even add some of our scrumptious bran muffins to go with it!

Gift Cards

Who doesn’t love the flexibility of a gift card! Pick up a card, or several, in an amount of your choice, to gift teachers and school administrators. Pair it with a jar of jelly, and you have yourself a pretty sweet treat.

Trays + Take Out

Click over to our catering menu to see all the delicious, large platter options T.C. Eggington’s has to offer. Grab a tray of muffins, mini muffins, breakfast burritos, salads, and sandwiches for teachers to enjoy during their break time. We also offer touch-free, curbside pick up for any take out orders. Treat your teacher to a delicious breakfast or lunch, and maybe pick up something for you too!

We’re Here For You

T.C. Eggington’s is here for you! Our dining room is open at 50% capacity, we are sanitizing regularly, and our staff is wearing face masks to keep our guests safe. We are happy to deliver take out orders curbside too.

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T.C. Eggington’s; We’re Open and Ready to Serve You!

In this ever-changing environment that we’re all living in, T.C. Eggington’s is doing its part to serve our customers in the safest ways possible. Because without our amazing customers, we wouldn’t be who we are!

We Can’t Wait To See You in Our Dining Room

Our dining room is open and we can’t wait to serve you. We’ve continued to improve our cleaning and safety system to keep our customers and staff safe. Our steps include

-Tables spaced 6 feet apart and capacity reduced to 50%

-Deep cleaning and sanitizing between customers and at the beginning and end of each day

-All staff is masked and we ask customers to wear masks until seated

-Hand sanitizer is available throughout the restaurant

Online Ordering Now Available

We are thrilled to now offer our customers online ordering! We want to make it easy to pick up a meal to enjoy at home. Our online orders are available during our business hours. Don’t let your cravings eat you up! Our full menu is available for online ordering so click and enjoy.

Take Out and Curbside Pick Up

Our online ordering includes payment information so your pick up is 100% touch-free! Stop in or we’ll bring your order out to your car. Every step is touch-free and safe for you.

Tell Us What You’re Craving

We love it when our customers love our food! What have you been craving? Our delicious muffins, spread with our famous jelly? How about our Chipoltle Egg Burrito, or a big stack of Red Velvet Waffles? Tell us what you’ve been missing! We would love to make it for you “to go” or welcome you with an air hug and masked smile in our dining room.

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Summer is Heating Up! We’ve Got Just the Thing to Cool You Down

Hello summer! The heat is on and everyone is looking for ways to cool down – and we’ve got just the thing for you at T.C. Eggington’s! In addition to our lovely air conditioned dining room, here are the top 6 cool and delicious menu items that are sure to refresh you:

6. Cocktails

Because sometimes an icy cold mimosa or Bloody Mary is just what we need!

5. Breakfast Salad

This delicious yogurt parfait is loaded with seasonal fruit and granola – sure to fill you up without overheating you.

4. Smoothies

From the Strawberry Patch, to the Blueberry Hill, and the Hulk, we’ve got a cool and creamy smoothie for everyone’s taste.

3. Fresh Baked Muffins

Our famous, homemade muffins are served warm, but they’re just too good not to include! Slather our Bran or English muffins in our delicious jam and enjoy with an iced coffee drink.

2. Garden Greens

We have salads of so many varieties, it’s hard to list them all here! With our Grilled Shrimp n’ Citrus, to Caesar Feta Chicken Salad, to the Tuna Apple Walnut Salad, there’s something for everyone.

1.Cold Sandwiches

Need more than a salad but still stay cool? Our AMAZING cold sandwiches are sure to fill you up. From the T.C. Sirloin Stack to the Old Style 12 Grain Walnut Turkey Roast, you’re sure to enjoy every last bite!

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Celebrate with T.C. Eggington’s Throughout All of June

Sometimes, you just need an excuse to celebrate! And we’ve got some fun and silly, actual holidays in June for you and your family to have some fun with.

June 8th: Best Friend Day

What better way to celebrate your favorite person than with a delicious meal with us!

June 10: Iced Tea Day

Come celebrate Iced Tea Day with a crystal clear glass of our Passion Fruit Tea. Add a slice of orange or lemon to make it extra delicious. We pride ourselves on consistent cleaning and maintenance of our machines to ensure a delicious glass every time!

June 17th: Eat Your Vegetables Day

We’ve got loads of ways for you to eat your veggies! Our Vegetable Gardina Fritata is packed with fresh veggies and so is our Roasted Tuscan Omelette….even our Hulk Smoothie gets in on the veggies with spinach added for a boost of vitamins. For lunch, we have six different vegetable based salads to choose from and our Portobellini Square Sandwich is all vegetables with a portobello mushrooms, roasted red peppers, artichokes and provolone cheese!

June 19th: Take Back Lunch Day

Some days, it just seems like more effort than it’s worth to get up from our desks and eat lunch away from work. But we need to take back lunch! Get out of the office and let us serve you.

June 20th: Daylight Appreciation Day

Celebrating the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year! Enjoy a sunrise breakfast to kick off the second half of the year.

June 21st: Arizona Day AND Father’s Day!

We love to celebrate our great state and our dads too. Treat dad to a delicious breakfast or lunch in our dining room, grab a to go order, or order from our catering menu to entertain at home! Call today to make your reservation (480) 345-9288.

June 29th: Waffle Day

Possibly our favorite day of the year! Celebrate in style with our toasty waffles piled high with strawberries or our decadent Red Velvet waffles topped with whipped cream.

No matter what you’re celebrating this month, let T.C. Eggington’s make it special!

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We are OPEN! T.C. Eggington’s is Excited to Welcome Back Our Guests

We are excited to share with you that on May 16th, we will be open again for dine in, curbside pick-up, and take-out. We are thrilled to be able to welcome back our guests to dine in with us – we have dearly missed serving our customers in our dining room!

The Precautions We’re Taking

The health and protection of our employees and guests is our utmost priority and as we transition back to our new normal. That mindset will be the primary decision maker on our policies going forward as we open our doors once again. We want you to feel safe when dining with us and our employees to be safe while serving you.

Some precautions we have and will continue to take are:

-Deep cleaning and sanitizing
-Spreading tables 6 feet apart
-Protective masks for employees
-Hand sanitizer throughout the restaurant

Take Out and Curb Side Still Available

If you would prefer to order take out, we are happy to bring it to you curb side! Our menu is on our site to make ordering fast and easy. We would love to hear what you’ve been missing! Our delicious muffins and jelly? Chilaquiles or Eggs Ben E Dict? Or how about the Cheddar d’English Dip or a chilled Shrimp and Citrus Salad? No matter what you’re craving, we excited to serve you.

Thank You!

We can’t begin to thank everyone for your continued loyalty and support! We appreciate all of our guests who joined us for take-out, gift card purchases, and curbside pick up meals. And we will never be able to express our gratitude for those that continued to support us by posting glowing reviews while our doors were closed. We truly have the greatest customers!

Questions? Ready to make a reservation? Starting May 12th we will begin taking reservations and can be reached at (480) 345-9288!

T.C. Egginton's Open for business May 16th
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We HEART T.C. Eggington’s!

It is breaking our hearts that our doors are currently closed, but know it is in the best interest of our employees, our customers, and our community. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate your support through our drive up service and all of your support over the last 35 years! That said, we thought it would be nice to look back on some of the amazing reviews that new and very long time customers have given us. Through Google Reviews and our comment cards, we love hearing from everyone!

Thomas says:

“Best dang breakfast I’ve had. Great food, great prices. Best breakfast tacos. Large portions and clean place. Must go to when in the area. Don’t miss out on this great breakfast spot.”

Melissa wrote:

“What a cute little gem! I love their decor and theme, plus every table is adorned with fresh flowers. Their customer service is spot on. Everyone was happy and helpful. Tried their version of a Florentine eggs Benedict the first day and it was pretty good but didn’t knock my socks off necessarily. The next day I tried their waffle with strawberries and it was so good! Light and crispy with perfect flavor. It was the perfect meal before the Spartan race I did later that morning. “

Shaun loves the bran muffins so much, he had to let us know:

“Great wholesome restaurant. Love the environment. One of our favorite breakfast spots. Love the bran muffins. We will even just order those to go and pick them up because they are so good and the whole family loves them.”

Lianna loves so many items from our menu and our jelly too:

“One of my favorite breakfast places. It has an amazing charm and would be a great place to bring out of town guests. Very good menu with both classics and unique dishes (we love the Crab Stuff Pastry). Prices are a little higher but worth it for the quality of food and great environment. Most of the waiters seems to be younger people, maybe high school aged. But they are very polite and eager to help. The owner is very friendly and if he’s there while we are, he always comes to our table to greet us. Finally, their Cinnamon Apple Jelly is fabulous! Strong cinnamon taste. Makes for a great gift.”

Maria wrote on our comment card:

“Great service as always! With love, a 12 year customer.”

We always love hearing about our employees – any feedback is good feedback. BUT, we especially love when our guests love our employees as much as we do:

“Great food! Karley was fantastic!”

“We had Hayley as our server and she was wonderful. A great asset for your business!”

There are hundreds more from where these came from and we are incredibly thankful for all of them! Stay safe and healthy and we are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Got something to add? Click here to leave a Google Review and here to leave a Facebook review.

T.C. Eggington's Reviews


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Springtime Fun Around Town

Here in Arizona, spring is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. The sunny weather is perfect, flowers are blooming, and baseball is here! The whole state comes alive with visitors and locals alike, taking in all the seasonal activities and fun around town. Not sure what’s happening? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

Spring Training

Plaaaay ball! Cactus League games kicked off on February 21st with the first game between the Texas Ranges and the Kansas City Royals at Surprise Stadium. Did you know that Arizona is home to 15 Major League Baseball teams?! And all of them play in the greater Phoenix area, many sharing a stadium. Which means you can catch a game almost every day from a different team! Mesa is home to Hohokam Stadium, home to the Chicago Cubs. Click here for the MLB website for all the team and season details. And because most games start around 1pm each day, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy some breakfast with us first!

Mesa Farmer’s and Flea Market

Our gorgeous weather is not just good for us, but for produce too! Enjoy the Mesa Farmer’s and Flea Market every Saturday at Pioneer Park. Not only does the market feature local produce, eggs, meat and more, it also is home to vendors with handmade and unique items too. In addition, the market holds events like tastings with local chefs, yoga and barre classes, information on cooking and healthy eating…they have it all! Join in on the fun 8am – 1pm.

Mesa Amphitheater

No one wants to be indoors this time of year, and the Mesa Amphitheater has you covered! Enjoy this stunning outdoor venue for a whole host of great events. From cover and tribute bands to up and coming stars, this grassy tiered amphitheater is sure to keep you entertained all season long.

Dobson Ranch Golf Course

Speaking of great weather, how about a long walk spoiled? We kid! A round of golf in this weather? There’s few things that will beat it. Dobson Ranch Golf Course boasts one of the best values for a round of golf in the state! Enjoy the manicured fairways with old growth trees. Challenging yet enjoyable, it’s a top destination for golfers of all skill levels.

spring training field in Mesa Arizona
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with T.C. Eggington’s

The History of Valentine’s Day

Do you know the history of Valentine’s Day? First established in Rome in 496 to honor St. Valentine who died on February 14th. The holiday didn’t begin to gain it’s current popularity until the mid 18th century when it became more common for friends and lovers to exchange small gifts and and handwritten love notes. It’s said that Esther A. Howland made the current concept of printed Valentines popular in the mid 1850’s. These traditions grew over the centuries to it’s common day practices of gifts, flowers, and time spent together.

Spend Valentine’s with T.C. Eggington’s!

This year, avoid the hassle of trying to find a dinner reservation and come to T.C. Eggington’s for a romantic Valentine’s breakfast instead! Or bring your family to a sweet treat and let them all know that they’re all your Valentines. Because nothing says “I love you” quite like our Strawberry Acres pancakes piled high with ruby red strawberries and whipped cream! Or our Red Velvet Waffles are the perfect Valentine red and oh so delicious.

Want some more fun Valentine’s Day facts?

  • Just over half of all Americans – 54% – will celebrate Valentine’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day is the second most popular day to get engaged
  • The average amount spent on gifts is $148
  • And 20% of those gifts will be jewelry
  • 40% of all the fresh flowers purchased this year will be on Valentine’s Day!
  • $1.7 Billion will be spent on candy
  • More than 8 Million candy hearts are manufactured each year just for Valentine’s Day
  • Over 250 Million roses are sent each year for Valentine’s Day
woman in blue shirt serves breakfast to a couple at T.C. Eggington's restaurant
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T.C. Eggington’s; Our Foundation

We loved getting to highlight some of our employees in our last post! Now we’re excited to introduce you to Thom and Kathy, the owners and founders of T.C. Eggington’s and to tell you about some of the history of this delicious establishment.

The Beginning

In the summer of 1984, Thom was a senior manager with the Chart House Corporation, traveling Monday through Friday across the country to the various restaurant concepts. The family was living in Phoenix and were expecting a corporate transfer to the South East. Parents to Ashlee and expecting Kyndal, Thom and Kathy were not looking forward to uprooting their growing family. Instead, they opted to take an opportunity presented by Kathy’s then employer; stay in Arizona – with their extended family – and start their own restaurant. The pair jumped at the opportunity. And so, T.C. Eggington’s was born. The restaurant had to be built from the ground up and Thom managed much of the work himself, with help from his good friend John. Thom created the menu items and the two completed the majority of the construction on site. Kathy designed the interior and organized the back office. Their collective hard work paid off with T.C. Eggington’s doors opening to the public in November 1985.

A Family Affair

Thom ran the day to day business at the restaurant while Kathy continued to work with the restaurant’s financier until a tragic turn of events changed everything. Thom and Kathy’s friend and partner, John, was killed in a car accident. His loss echoed throughout the restaurant as there was little of it he hadn’t help build. At that point, it was clear that the restaurant would need to include the whole family and Kathy joined T.C. Eggington’s full time. Thom and Kathy’s daughters grew up in a highchair in the back office while Kathy managed payroll, or playing restaurant after hours while Thom and Kathy worked.

The family’s hard work paid off. Ten years after opening their doors, the only complaint from customers was how long it took to get a table. The restaurant was so popular, the average wait time was over an hour! While contemplating their next move, the retail space next door became available and they were able to expand, almost doubling in size. Today, the staff is comprised of original employees, 20+ year employees, family and friends of past employees, and family members of Thom and Kathy’s. Thom and Kathy attribute the longevity of their staff to treating everyone like a family member – and everyone will tell you that they are one, BIG, happy family!

Fun Facts

Our name is a play on Thom’s initials TC. “Eggingtons” was added with the suggestion of a friend…after a few glasses of wine!

Our manager, Ivars, was a long time customer of T.C. Egginton’s. He is the previous manager of The Roaring Fork and when he heard we were looking for a new manager, he jumped at the opportunity.

Four current employees had a parent who previously worked at the restaurant.

One of our cooks, Aldo, has been with us since our doors opened and our pastry / prep chef, Lettie, just celebrated 29 years with T.C. Eggington’s.

T.C. Eggington's foundation and founders
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Happy Holidays from the T.C. Eggington’s Family to Yours!

Happy holidays! This time of year always makes us think about what we’re grateful for, and family is always at the top of the list. But our family is unique. We have not only our family, Thom, Kathy, Ashlee and Kyndal, but our T.C. Eggington’s family too which includes both long time employees and our customers as well.

From Our Kitchen

Four of our kitchen staff have each been with us for 30+ years! We’ve had the pleasure of watching Head Chef David Rodriguez grow from a young man to meeting his now wife and welcoming four children. His three sons and son-in-law all now work at T.C. Eggington’s as well. John “Aldo” Lemke was with us when we opened our doors 34 years ago and is still with us as a cook today, his two children have also worked for us! We’ve had the pleasure of watching Eduardo Escobar as he has risen through the ranks from dishwasher to cook, and then took over as Head Chef at a sister business, NCounter (now Daily Jam). Even as Head Chef, he still comes back periodically to help out! Our Head Prep and Pastry Chef, Leticia Ramirez ,has been hard at work for nearly 29 years.

To Our Dining Room

Speaking of our staff, Brandi Maples is our head waitress who has been with us since 2010, and during her college career before that. She is responsible for managing and training the wait staff – we’d be lost without her! Steve Matson started as a bus boy when he played football at Marcos De Niza, 22 years ago. He and Thom always had a bet for the annual football game between Marcos De Niza and rival Corona del Sol (Thom’s daughter’s high school). Loser had to wear the opposing team’s jersey to work the next morning and nothing delighted Steve more than seeing Thom in a Marcos jersey!

And Our Owners

And we couldn’t talk about family without highlighting our founders, Thom and Kathy! These two are daily fixtures at T.C. Eggington’s – there’s a good chance Thom will be the person to seat you. In addition, he’s still instrumental in hiring and training – while Kathy handles the back office including everything from accounting to insurance.

Beyond our staff, we consider all of our customers to be family too. We want everyone who dines with us to feel not just welcome, but at home. We strive to make sure that each guest feels welcomed and is served a meal that we’ve made just for them. So come grab a quick bite, or stay and enjoy – we’re always happy to see family at T.C. Eggington’s.

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Let T.C. Eggington’s Help You Celebrate Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving falls on November 28th, 2019 and we are ready to help you celebrate. We will be closed so that our work family can enjoy the holiday with their families…but! Don’t worry, we have you covered on some pick up items for your Thanksgiving table, as well as some fun to bring home to your family.

What to Do

The day before Thanksgiving is historically one of the busiest travel days of the year. Which means out of town guests may be arriving to you sooner rather than later. If you are hosting the Thanksgiving meal, cooking for a house full of guests may not be high on your priority list. Let T.C. Eggington’s help! Bring your friends and family in for breakfast or lunch. Enjoy our seasonal pumpkin or apple jack pancakes with a hot pumpkin latte sprinkled with cinnamon. For lunch a our pumpkin soup is out of this world – not to mention our home made pumpkin pie (it’s the holidays – eat pie with lunch!).

Need to know what’s happening around town? Click on over to the City of Mesa’s events calendar to find some local fun for your out-of-town guests.

Let T.C. Eggington’s Help

You have enough on your plate hosting Thanksgiving, let us help! Take home one of our Pumpkin or Chocolate Chip Walnut pies for your family table, or to bring with you and surprise your host. We also offer order ahead quiche to serve Thanksgiving morning – or the morning after Thanksgiving with a slice of left over pie and coffee. We offer traditional Quiche Lorraine with bacon, ham, mushroom and onion. Also spinach, bacon, avocado, or our decadent broccoli crab quiche!

Make It Fun

Need something to get everyone talking? Bring these fun conversation starters to the table and get to know your friends and family better:

  1. What are you most thankful for this year?
  2. If you won 1 million dollars, what is the first thing you would do?
  3. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
  4. How did you celebrate Thanksgiving when you were a child?
  5. If you could have one super power, what would you choose?
  6. What is your hidden talent?
  7. What is your go-to karaoke song?
  8. If you could thank 1 person – living or passed – for their influence in your life, who would it be and why?
  9. What is your funniest Thanksgiving memory?
  10. Have you ever been told you look like someone famous? If so, who?
  11. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
slice of pumpkin pie with whip cream and pumpkins surrounding
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T.C. Eggington’s and Hickman’s Family Farms

There are duos that just belong together; peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, bacon and eggs. T.C. Eggington’s and Hickman’s Family Farms are just another example of two things that belong together. Because what else does a top notch, family owned restaurant need but a first class, family owned egg farm to supply their namesake food? T.C. Eggington’s has been a customer of Hickman’s Family Farms since T.C. Eggington’s opened their doors in 1985. The two Arizona grown family businesses have not only a successful business relationship, but have fostered a great friendship as well.

Sharman Hickman, part of the current Hickman generation, reminisced about her time spent with T.C. Eggington’s owners, Thom and Kathy. “I have the custom made skillet from the T.C. Eggington’s 30th anniversary party hanging in my office!” Sharman shared.

Sharman has delivered eggs personally to T.C. Eggington’s over the years. She said that Thom has always insisted on only the freshest eggs, no matter what it took. And it sometimes took a 3am drive from her home in North Central, to the farm in Buckeye, straight to T.C. Eggington’s in Mesa. With nearly 8,000 eggs ordered a week, this was no small feat! While this early morning task was sometimes taxing, Sharman always appreciated how important it was to Thom that he served only the best to his customers.

In addition to having a business relationship, T.C. Eggington’s and Hickman’s Family Farms has also partnered to help our community. Together they “hatched” the idea for the PJ’s & Eggs fundraiser benefiting the Arizona Children’s Foundation which supplies foster children with much needed comfort during difficult transitions. Customers of T.C. Eggington’s were asked to come dine and donate new children’s pajamas, which were then provided to foster children who often arrive at their foster home with only the clothes on their backs. Sharman Hickman has been present at the event many times as “Funky” the Chicken – a full size costume of the Hickman’s logo.

Founded in 1944, Hickman’s Family Farms is currently under the third generation’s care with the fourth generation being groomed for the future of the business. As the Hickman family has grown, so has their business and their plans for the future. Currently, Hickman’s is collecting recycled plastic from the City of Phoenix to create their egg cartons – an efficiently responsible step towards a green future. There is also an emphasis on continuing to move the company in a green direction by investing in research and development of cage free and grass fed eggs, increased humane conditions for animals, and community outreach through charity work and prison worker programs. This program offers job skills and references for inmates at local prisons to assist in breaking the cycle of re-offending by offering them a job skill that can be put to use after release.

Not much has changed in the 34 year relationship; T.C. Eggington’s is still a proud customer of Hickman’s Family Farms…and Thom still insists on the freshest eggs available. The only thing that has changed is who is delivering those fresh eggs at the crack of dawn.

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Fall into the Season

We always like to think of fall in Arizona the way that the East coast thinks of spring; we can finally be outdoors again! All our the delicious fall favorite product has been ripening all summer and we are ready to get them into our menu favorites. Come enjoy the best of the fall season flavors in our favorite breakfast and lunch menu items – and our patio is open too because we think everything tastes better dining outdoors.

Our fresh apple and orange juice are served cold and pair perfectly with our famous Apple Cinnamon Jelly slathered over our fluffy English muffins or house made bran muffins. If you need something warm to get into the season, our spiced oatmeal served with cinnamon, raisins and milk is sure to fill you up with a hearty favorite and delight your senses too. Lastly, our Apple Jack griddle cake is filled with sweet apples and topped
with crunchy pecans and fluffy whipped cream.

For lunch, our Natie Bomb sandwich is filled with seasonal goodness! Turkey, bacon, apple slices and caramelized onions combine all the deliciousness of fall. Our Sir Edgar Reuben is a menu staple featuring fall classics corned beef over sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and topped with griddled pumpernickel bread.

And don’t forget about something delicious to sip on! Our spiced tea selections, coffee, and lattes are sure to warm you and your spirits. Our hot chocolate is perfect for our young guests, and those feeling young too!

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Back to School Breakfast

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over! Soon school buses will be back on the road, sports will be in full swing and the daily grind of the school year will be here. So in all of this busy time, how can a family stay connected? There have been numerous studies about the benefits of family dinners, but with sports and activity schedules, that can be rough to pull off. We’re here to offer a solution – family breakfast at T.C. Eggington’s!

Check Your Schedules

In order to make sure that you get to make the most of your time together, start by comparing schedules to find a day that makes sense for everyone so that you’re not rushed – or at least less rushed!

Make the Most of Your Time

One of the benefits of dinner together is to talk about the highs and lows of the day. Making time to talk about the good and bad parts are a great way to bond and spend time together. But what do you talk about if the day hasn’t happened yet? Start by talking about what each of you has going on during the week. What you’re looking forward to and what you’re nervous about. Out of ideas? Even something as simple as sharing about what your favorite part of your meal is can start a conversation.


Even the best planned mornings can be hectic. If things don’t go as planned, try to take it in stride. Make the best of the time you have with which ever family members are able to join. Regroup to find a better time or day to try again until you get the perfect schedule to enjoy some quality time together.

Need Some Conversation Starters?

  • What are 3 things you LOVE to eat?
  • What are 3 foods you HATE?
  • What is the best gift you’ve ever received?
  • What is your earliest memory?
  • What makes you feel loved?
  • What motivates you?
  • Describe your life 10 years from now.
  • What is your dream job?
man in T.C.Eggington uniform serving breakfast in the restaurant
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Staying Hydrated in the Summer

Phew! It’s starting to heat up. After a gorgeous spring, the Arizona summer is coming on strong. And with that seasonal heat comes a new need for smart ways to stay hydrated. Of course we all know that we need to drink water – approximately 1 ounce for every pound of weight, actually. But we can also eat our way to staying hydrated too! Summer fruits and veggies are full of healthy nutrients, but they are also a high percentage of water, making them not only delicious but hydrating too.


At nearly 91% water, strawberries are a delicious way to eat your hydration! In addition, these sweet treats are a good source of Vitamin C. Summer is their peak season so it’s the perfect time to include some in every meal. At T.C. Eggington’s, we love strawberries so much, they’re in 3 of our smoothies! Try our Strawberry Patch, Blueberry Blast, or Strawberry Banana smoothie. Or if you’re in the mood for something to boost your hydration and please your pallet, a stack of our famous pancakes piled high with sliced strawberries and whipped cream should do the trick!

Summer Veggies

It’s not just fruit that will keep your hydration levels high this summer, but summertime vegetables will too! Mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and spinach all boast a 90%+ water content. Enjoying a delicious serving of these savory snacks will not only fill you up, but keep you hydrated too. But the delicious veggies aren’t just for lunch or dinner. Our English Harvest Omelette has all of these hydrating gems, along with cheddar cheese, all saute’d to perfection and folded into an omelette.


We should all know that watermelon is great for keeping us hydrated – it’s right there in the name! But cantaloupe and honeydew are 90% water and big contenders in the hydration category. We love pairing these sweet fruit favorites with savory dishes. Our Tuna, Apple-Walnut Salad combines salty tuna fish with tart apple chunks and is served in a wedge of honeydew melon. Talk about a satisfying and refreshing summer lunch!

slice of cantaloupe and whole strawberries
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What to Do in Mesa This Summer

Summer is just around the corner! In just a few weeks, school will be out, the thermometer will be consistently over 100 degrees and our calendars will be ready for some summer fun. There’s nothing we love more than supporting our community by feeding our patrons as they head out for some local fun. We’ve compiled a few fun events to put on your calendar, and be sure to stop in and see us – before or after!

Golfland Sunsplash Water Park

A true Mesa staple! Get ready for some cool indoor and wet outdoor fun. Whether you’re cooling off in the arcade or in the wave pool, Golfland Sunsplash has something for everyone. Thursday, May 23rd is the official opening day for Sunsplash for the season. And starting June 1st, Night Splash opens! Enjoy the cool water without the sunscreen until 10pm. And if you want to get in some putt putt golf, the course is open until midnight!

Mesa Farmers and Flea Market

It’s rare to find farmers markets in the summer in Arizona – but Mesa has you covered! Open every Saturday from 7am to 11am at Pioneer Park, the Mesa Farmers and Flea Market works to support local farmers and businesses by creating a venue for them to sell their products. Enjoy live music, a splash pad, and lots of amazing local vendors!

Mesa Center for the Arts

Need some indoor fun? Look no further than the Mesa Center for the Arts. Enjoy exhibits, performances, camps and classes for adults and children a like! Visit the museum or sign up for a class – there are so many options whether you’re looking for just a few hours of entertainment or several weeks worth.

Movies On Main

The City of Mesa offers FREE movies on Main Street! Bring your chairs and enjoy family favorites like The Incredibles and Wreck It Ralph. There are also art walks, street performers and more! Check out the Mesa City calendar to find an event just right for you.

4 palm trees in front of a lavender sky
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Everything About our Famous House Jelly

At T.C. Eggington’s, we’ve used the same delicious, handcrafted jelly since the day we opened our doors more than 30 years ago. We purchase our jelly from E. Waldo Ward & Son in Sierra Madre, California. This family owned business has made coveted confections for decades and is still run by the descendants of Edwin Waldo Ward today. We’re excited to tell you about our favorite varieties along with some conventional and also some inventive ways to enjoy these delicious jellies. 

E. Waldo Ward & Son

Since 1891, E. Waldo Ward & Son has created hand crafted jams, jellies, preserves and more. And while their product offerings and sales methods have changed from a few jam varieties sold out of the back of a truck, to thousands of products sold worldwide, the heart of the company hasn’t changed in more than 120 years! Family owned, E. Waldo Ward & Son still uses their tried and true, old world techniques to produce a product that just can’t be found anywhere else.

Choosing Our Favorites

After sampling all the delicious jelly and jam varieties that E. Waldo Ward & Son had to offer, we settled on our favorites; blackberry, strawberry, and apple cinnamon. Each assortment offers a distinct and delectable flavor and are carefully crafted leaving only amazing flavor, not a pile of seeds to chew through!

Our jellies are perfect for the quintessential breakfast – they are amazing on the usual morning fair of English muffins, toast, PB&J’s, and our famous bran muffins. But they can be used in surprising ways too! One of our regular customers shared her recipe for iced tea sweetened with our delicious jellies. It’s a fun addition to a favorite staple. When you’re ready to try it out, we sell our famous jelly right in the restaurant!

Here is our take on the recipe, with our own Arizona twist:

Strawberry Sun Tea

Prep time: 5 minutes

Cook time: 3-5 hours + cooling time

1.Using a glass container or pitcher, fill to desired level with filtered water.

2.Add tea bags according to ounces of water (i.e. one tea bag per 8 ounces). Black tea or green tea works best.

3.Cover the top of the container and place in the sun. A sunny window will work too, as long as it will be hot for several hours.

4.As the sun heats the water, the tea will steep. Depending on the temperature outside, the tea will take roughly 3-5 hours to steep. The hotter, the faster!

5.With the tea still hot, remove tea bags and add in T.C. Eggington’s strawberry jelly. We recommend 1 tablespoon per 16 ounces. Add more or less depending on your preference.

6.Stir well and place in the refrigerator to cool.

7.Once cooled, pour over ice and enjoy. Adding a splash of soda water or a sprig of mint makes this delicious drink even more refreshing during the hot summer!

three jars of apple cinnamon jelly on a wooden plate T.C. Eggingtons
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The T.C. Eggington’s Philosophy

Our Philosophy is Simple…

Since opening our doors in 1985, our philosophy has been the same; our customer is the most important part of our business. We strive for each patron we serve to be treated like a guest would be in our home; feeling welcomed and appreciated while they enjoy a delicious meal that we’ve made just for them.  Our warm and friendly environment, coupled with amazing food creates an enjoyable experience for all our guests!

We’re One Big Family

At T.C. Eggington’s, we pride ourselves on being hands on. Each our our employees is trained by our owners, Thom and Kathy. Many of our staff has been with the restaurant for years – some even decades. Our head chef, David Rodriquez, has been with T.C. Eggington’s for over 30 years! This history coupled with our philosophy of having a welcoming, home-like feel to our restaurant, has made our employees feel like family. And as this big, unconventional, restaurant family, we want our guests to feel like they are part of the tribe.

Our Food

While welcoming and treating our guests with the highest standards is important, so is feeding them amazing food! Our menu consists of family recipes, parlour creations and fresh spins on original favorites. Every item is made to order and from scratch. We offer a variety of house staples, such as our famous bran muffins slathered in one of our homemade jellies, seasonal soup of the day, and fresh-off-the-griddle pancakes. And speaking of jelly, our handcrafted creations come in blackberry, strawberry and apple cinnamon. We serve it generously with any dish, but we think it’s heavenly on our warm English muffins.

Giving Back

In addition to making our customers feel as important as they are to us, we also work to help our community. T.C. Eggington’s is a long time supporter of Team Taylor, a grassroots fundraiser in memory of Taylor, who was lost to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in 2010. In addition, because food is what we do best, T.C. Eggington’s provides soup for over 250 homeless through Paz de Cristo. We enjoy supporting regional schools, and other local businesses like Hickman’s Family Farms where we serve “Breakfast for Dinner”, benefiting the Arizona’s Children Association. And we always have our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in our city, Mesa! We enjoy having percentage brunches for regional charities and schools where they receive a percentage of the event’s sales for their fundraiser. Not to mention we always love having menu specials and hosting our customers for local events and seasonal happenings.

mustard yellow block with white letters we want our customers to feel comfortable and as if each and every person is a guest in our home
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